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Wi-Fi Range Extenders
Extenders that actually work
TV experience remarkably personal
Don’t let buffering take away the Chill from Netflix and Chill. Enjoy a smooth streaming experience.

Our host of WiFi range Extenders and WiFi Boosters offer a beamforming technology that ensure powerful coverage and wall penetration. We guarantee a Superfast, Reliable and Consistent Connectivity

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YES! Our clients bear witness to this. The job is not done until the client is 100% satisfied – that’s how confident we are in our work

No. Cabling is the recommended route in many instances. In cases where the architecture of the building disallows cabling or where clients prefer otherwise, we provide equally effective solutions for our clients

35m all things equal. However, concrete walls and numerous electronic devices may crowd out the WiFi will compromise the coverage. It is therefore important to conduct a thorough assessment before any job is done. Should you want a free assessment, give us a call or send us a message

Yes. We have routers and access points specifically designed for gamers and other users that desire fast internet and very low latency.

Tenda, Ubiquiti, Mikrotik to name a few. These are international brands that come with warranties. The choice of the brand will differ according to client-specific needs

Give us a call, send us a text or fill in the form on this page. You will get a call from one of our technicians and we’ll book you for a free assessment.

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